Right Now
I work as a Sr. Director of UX Design and Strategy. I run a multidisciplinary team of designers and researchers working on enterprise cloud-based SaaS products for a large global organization.

Back Then

I spent 5+ years as an independent UX consultant / visual designer focused in web/mobile/brands.
* learned the ways of business. I have a more holistic understanding and appreciation for the work it takes to get and maintain business.
* learned to speak, to lead, to listen and to collaborate. Workshops and kickoffs became my stage.
* learned how to take things from the very beginning to the very end. I was there from the pitch and proposal, through UX and design, to the launch and evolution plan.

Way Back Then
I created sales materials for $million+ condos from CT to TX, rebranded a company as a quasi-legit soccer team, created interactive tools for one of the first 100% electric motorbikes, and designed an iPhone app about gorillas that was featured on the BBC…

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my philosophy:

Time spent planning results in the stronger, more superior end product.

It’s great to make awesome stuff – it’s even better to learn from it.

Let’s make things simple, smart and most of all beautiful.

Every project needs a good base.