Janney Montgomery Scott

intranet redesign

Janney Montgomery Scott is a global financial services company headquartered in Philadelphia with over 100 locations worldwide. Janney was looking to revamp the corporate intranet, used by 1,000’s of employees. The last time they touched it was… 1998. The navigation included over 64 main navigation sections, no hierarchy and even less of a user base. How do we bring back the value of this intranet to the variety of user types that make up Janney Montgomery Scott? By offering some personalization!

When I arrived on the scene, it was HTML blue and tables galore. I had a crash course in financial services and got to work unearthing the many hidden treasures of an outdated corporate intranet. I spent 5 fun months working with their marketing and IT departments to redefine, restructure and redesign the intranet.

My Role:

audit current intranet
sitemap development and testing
define core templates
visual interface design

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