FAB iPhone Application

app for the food and beverage industry

FAB Friends is an iPhone application made specially for the Food and Beverage Industry (hence, FAB). This application allows you to create a profile and connect to people you know and places you have worked resulting in a virtual resume of sorts. Whether you are the dishwasher or the general manager, FAB Friends let’s you show off who you know and what you have done. The application also offers job postings for those looking to fill a position or pick up an extra shift.

FAB Friends needed a brand that could speak to everyone, from the ‘stach-sporting hipster down the street, to the middle america diner worker. The brand needed to represent all trades in the industry, not just front of the house. The application needed to be easy to use for all tech levels. App development by Little Wins LLC

My Role:

logo development
user experience design
information architecture
iPhone interface design