company rebrand

What do you do when you are asked to combine a web porfolio + soccer? Create the new brand, I-SITE UNITED. Part soccer team (for real, kind of…) part web design/development shop. The site needed to be easy to updated, showcase the work of I-SITE, as well as entertain and tell their story. One crest design and a box full of branded uniforms later, the team was born.

Developed using a mixture of HTML, Flash, XML and Papervision 3D, the website focuses on the experimental web experience. The site is jam packed with eclectic goodies, such as an online soccer game, beer related merchandise and even it’s own radio. Did I mention the beer coaster business cards?

My Role:

everything from the coaster business cards to art directing the team photoshoot
planning and production of stop-motion introduction
crest / brand design
full website concept & creation
art direction and coordination of developers
uniforms & brand merchandise design