Leeway Foundation

Website Redesign

The Leeway Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers grants to woman and trans artists. They were interested in refreshing their website visually but also functionally, with a desire to rework the backend admin to simplify keeping track of hundreds of grantees from different disciplines and grant years.

My approach for this site was simple – I wanted to make sure that the breath of creativity that these people share had its place to shine. We created individual profiles for each grantee with a space for photos of their work. We cross promoted additional sections of the site where that artist was mentioned, be it an upcoming event or blog article. We created a new way to sort the grantees – with 15+ years of recipients from all different backgrounds, we wanted to elevate them from the standard list. And most importantly, we focused on the homepage – we wanted to create a hub of information so a visitor could get a good idea of what Leeway has to offer, whether an upcoming grant or event. Development on Expression Engine CMS by First Pier Technology Partners.

My Role:

user experience design
information architecture
website design

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